Floor Plan

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‘Floor Plan’ brings together the work of five artists – Paul Harrington, Jocelyn McGregor, Edel O’Reilly, Amanda Rice, and Laura Yuile. Temporarily claiming a corner of Cuigezhuang’s demolished village on the outskirts of Beijing, the artists have created a (non) space in (non) progress, as a platform for experimentation and conversation. By installing their work in an area left desolate, neglected and destructed – a site waiting to be transformed into something else, and play its part in the violent expansion of the city – the artists construct an interruption to the process of transition the demolished village is currently stuck within.

Through the process of clearing rubble from sections of a buildings demolished ground floor, a number of platforms have been revealed to compete with the chaotic environment that surrounds them; functioning as flat surfaces that attempt to control artistic activity, and providing a base from which to build upwards. The absence of walls mirrors the absence of boundaries, exploring the effects of an architecture without building. Through the movement of the rubble, fragments of its previous state have been revealed, suggesting a kind of (non) progress within a constant state of change and self-consumption.


About joinusif

工厂 is a Beijing based non-profit artist run space. Through a programme of exhibitions, discussions, events and in-house publications, we promote conversation and open discussion, in order to facilitate learning and engagement with the arts through a dialogue between local and international artists.
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